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Around the House

Install towel rails | Patch gyprock wall | install picture Hocks | Assemble boxed furniture | Rip out old carpet | Paint ceilings | Paint walls | Replace fly screen mesh | Locks | Latches | Door Stoppers | decks

Don’t have any free time? Tools locked away in storage? Home is in need of a handyman?

Contact Book A Handyman and take the hassle out of home maintenance. We are a professional handyman business that specializes in home maintenance. Just write up a handyman to do list and then call or write us to book in your handyman visit. It’s time to enjoy your free time and let us do the work for you.

Download our Handyman to do list for your fridge

At Book A Handyman we understand that our customer may not have the time or skills to complete the odd jobs around the house, may not have the tools or simply would rather someone else do it. That’s where we come in; we will be happy to visit your maintenance to-do-list and help solve all maintenance issues around your home.

Home Handyman Service

Maintaining your home is the cheapest and best way to insure your home is in its best condition at all times. A little maintenance can go a long way. We can take on your to-do-list and even build one for you by spotting any issues that need attention.

Home Handyman Repair

Cupboard doors falling apart, broken floorboards and holes in the wall, skirting and picture frames loose, pet dog scratched the back door not to mention the damages from the last kid’s party. Put your mind at ease and call Book A Handyman.

Odd Jobs and Home DIY

A Handyman can take up a range of jobs including Painting, plastering, Cleaning, rearranging furniture, unpacking boxes, assembling boxed furniture and much more. Even if you are taking on your own home DIY project and need a hand you can book in a professional handyman to help you take on the job.

Book A Handyman

Book A Handyman provides a home maintenance service that will exceed your expectations. We are fully insured, and available to do a wide range of home maintenance jobs from changing a door or window fly screens to adjusting door hinges and installing door handles.

We trade in Sydney, and our range of handyman services can deal with most of your home maintenance and repair needs. We will help keep your home at its best all the time.


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Great Job

Owning a garbage/rubbish removal business we had done many clean up and removal jobs for Book A Handyman. So when the time came and I required some work done at my own home I knew who to call. Great job by the way

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