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Recommending Book A handyman is the best compliment you could give us. If you would like to recommend us here are several ways you could easily do it.

How to recommend Book A Handyman

Using AddThis

On every page of Book A handyman you will notice the AddThis module, here it is again.

You can scroll your mouse over the word SHARE above which will give you a number of options how to share the page your on including:

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If your handyman did a great job and you would like to recommend us to your website visitors we would love it if you placed a link to us from your website. We supply some code you can use to easily do this. Just choose the style you like from the samples below and use the code in the box above it to add it to your web page. Copy and past the script anywhere in your HTML between your body tags and your done. All links are set to open in a new window so your visitors will not leave your site when they click on our links.

Our recommended handyman service

Our recommended handyman service

My handyman fixed it

My handyman fixed it

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Happy return customer!

The team at Book A Handyman have been most helpful, they have attended with eagerness to my needs and provided me with a great quotation. I have now used Book A Handyman twice around my house and can confidently say that next time I need help I'll be in contact.

Savas, Potts Point