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Odd Jobs your Handyman Can Do

Your handyman should be able to take on all the below tasks plus a lot more. If the job you need a handyman for is not listed and you’re not sure if a handyman can take on the task, just contact us and we will answer all your questions.


  • Change Light Bulbs
  • Install Towel Rails
  • Fix Or Replace Cupboard Hinges
  • Fix Or Build Shelving
  • Repair Loose Skirtings
  • Repair Loose Laminate Flooring
  • Replace Floorboards
  • Patch Gyprock Wall
  • Patch Cracks In Brick Wall
  • Replace Loose Or Broken Tiles
  • Re-grout tiled area
  • Install Picture Hocks In Wall
  • Install Curtain Rails
  • Assemble Boxed Furniture
  • Clean Behind The Fridge
  • Install Dryer On Brick Wall
  • Move Washing Machine
  • Rearrange Furniture
  • Rip Out Old Carpet
  • Replace Toilet Seat


  • Paint Ceilings
  • Paint Walls
  • Paint feature Wall
  • Paint Wooden Doors
  • Paint Glass Panelled Doors
  • Paint Wooden Fence
  • Paint Window Frame
  • Paint Picture Frames
  • Paint Skirtings
  • Stain Deck
  • Stain door


  • Replace Wooden Fence Panels
  • Repair Leaning Fence Pole
  • Install Section Of Fence
  • Replace Colour Bond Fence Sheet
  • Remove Fence
  • Install Clothesline
  • Install Awnings
  • Putting Up Colour Bond Shed
  • patching Holes In Garage Wall
  • Build Shelving In Garage
  • Block Leaks In Garage Roof
  • Clean Out Garage
  • Cleaning Out Gutters
  • Adding Gutter Guards
  • Rubbish Cleanup
  • Concrete Small Areas
  • Set Loose Bricks And Garden Rocks
  • Laying Weed Mat
  • Laying Wood Chips


  • Replace Mesh On Screen Doors
  • Replace Mesh On Windows
  • Install New Door
  • Replace Old Windows
  • Putty Cracked Doors
  • Putty Wood Rot In Window Frame
  • Fix Hinges On Doors And Windows
  • Install Locks, Latches Door Stopers
  • Install Door Handles

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Great Job

Owning a garbage/rubbish removal business we had done many clean up and removal jobs for Book A Handyman. So when the time came and I required some work done at my own home I knew who to call. Great job by the way

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