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Bookahandyman.com.au can provide a range of useful handyman services that will meet all your outdoor property maintenance needs and save you money in the long term. When garden and outdoor areas are ignored and not regularly maintained, they tend to deteriorate. If left unattended for too long, you will inevitably end up with costly repair jobs. So let us do those necessary everyday home maintenance jobs for you. Make a list of all the things you need cleaned up and repaired in your outdoor areas and your handyman will deal with the rest.

Decks and Verandas

If your deck is looking dull and shabby, it probably needs a new coat of protective decking oil. If it is badly neglected, it may need to be sanded down and treated with new stain coats. Either way, Book A Handyman will provide you with quality work at a great price. Our professional home handyman will leave your deck looking brand new, so you will be enticed to invite friends over again, without worrying about unsightly mould build-ups and rotting wood on the deck when you light up your BBQ.

Book A Handyman can also get rid of rust on your verandas metal fence and recoat it with rust proof paint to protect it from future corrosion. We will then repaint the fence using weather-protection paint in the colour of your choice.

Garden sheds

If you haven’t used your garden shed for years because the roof leaks, Book A Handyman can come to the rescue. We can patch your loose corrugated iron roof or even install new corrugated plastic sheets, leaving you with a garden shed that is naturally bright and cheery. If the roof is simply full of debris, we can clean off all the rotten leaves and unblock those gutters to stop water from running down the sides and damaging your garden.

We can also help you improve the usefulness of your shed, by installing shelving that is perfect for the area you have available inside it. This way you will be able to quickly reorganise all those items you have collected over the years. We specialise in handyman maintenance, so we are available to neaten up your shed, paint it, recondition it, fix the roof and make it a place you would like to spend time in again.

Rubbish Cleanup

Why wait for council clean-up when Book A Handyman you can do it for you, in a day. We will organise a truck and then use it to get rid of all the rubbish build-up in your garden. It doesn’t matter what kind of rubbish you have accumulated, old furniture, left over tiles, wood, broken bricks, bits of concrete, we’ll get rid of all the things you won’t miss around your home and garden.

Under Your Home

As long as there is enough access to fit under your house, Book A Handyman will clean and remove any rubbish lurking under your home. If you’re worried about stray animals getting in underneath, we can replace all open access points with custom made doors, or we can block the area off completely.

Other Odd Jobs

The outdoor property maintenance work offered by Book A Handyman is not limited to the jobs described above. Better still, a handyman can be at your service for any period of time you choose and do most of the odd jobs in and around your home. Compile your own list and then call or email us to book a handyman in for the day.

You can rest assured that he will have a current Occupational Health and Safety certificate and public liability insurance for your peace of mind.

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