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Chalkboard paint

Paint yourself a Chalkboard

Ask your handyman to paint you a chalkboard. Encourage the kids to draw on the walls, use the kitchen cupboard door as a shopping list, and use the entire office wall as a blackboard.  Chalkboard paint from White King will turn any surface into a chalk board. Chalkboard paint is a high quality and very durable paint that comes in either black or green.

Simple instructions for previously painted surfaces.

  • Choose and prepare an area on your wall:

    Choose an area about head high if you want it for write recipe notes and shopping lists, lower if it is for the kids to draw. Clean the area with a cloth and sugar soap.
  • Use masking tape and tape up a square on the wall:

    Find a painting quality masking tape so when you peel it off the wall it doesn’t take the old paint off with it.
  • Roll on with Baby Roller:

    Baby rollers are mini paint rollers. You can use a paint brush but the baby roller will give you a smother more even finish. roll the whole area inside the masking tape and overlap a few mills over the masking tape.

  • Remove masking tape:

    Wait till the coat of paint is touch dry before removing paint but do not wait too long.  If the paint gets too dry it may rip when you remove the masking tape.

  • Enjoy the new chalk board.

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