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Book A Handyman


Whether you need a handyman for your residential, commercial or investment property, bookahandyman.com.au is your one stop shop. We will provide you with quality professional service and even organise other tradesmen for specialised work such as electrical, plumbing and even asbestos removal.


Book A Handyman for all your office maintenance needs. Book A Handyman can provide a handyman service to suit your office needs. A Handyman can visit your office on a weekly basis or as needed to complete a list of odd jobs to keep your office running smoothly. No more waiting for the light globes to be changed or the desk draw to be fixed.


Booking online is as simple as filling in the form on the right. Enter job descriptions, add extra information and also upload images if needed. A handyman in your area will get back to you either the same day or next working day to discuss your requirements.

Contact Details:
Email: info@bookahandyman.com.au
Phone: +61 (02) 8011 3324

Affordable, Competitive Pricing

We have two pricing options, hourly rate or quote per job. For smaller jobs, we recommend hourly rate, that way, you can fit in as many jobs as your time frame permits rather than having every small job quoted separately.

For larger jobs (painting a bedroom, removing and dumping rubbish etc) you can choose to get a fixed quote so you know exactly what it will cost you.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.


Value for your money:
Take a good look around the house for all other odd jobs that have been left behind. When paying by the hour you will be surprised just how much can be done.

Getting organised:

  • Write up a list of all the odd jobs
    around the house.
  • Keep the list on the fridge to add
    jobs as they appear.
  • Make a note of items you will need to
    buy or request from the handyman
    e.g. screen door mesh, door handles
    and paints etc.

Visit our BEFORE BOOKING page for a 'list of regular odd jobs' and a 'handyman to do list' for your fridge.


Please be patient when submitting the form, it may take a while if uploading images. If you're having any trouble call or email us.

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