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Garbage Removal

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Book A Handyman can visit with a two man team and large tipper truck to load and remove any rubbish that has accumulated around the home or property. If you have recently moved in to your new home and found a bunch of trash leftover by the previous owner or you've finally sorted out all that junk you have been hoarding for years, call Book A Handyman and we will load and dump it for you.


Garages just love to fill with junk. Do you need this area for space? Do you not have the time to sort through it all? Book a Handyman will come to you and clean out your garage. Decide with us what you want to keep or throw out, and we will put your organised garage back together just the way you like and then get rid of the trash!

Selling Your Home

When selling your home, unsightly garbage and untidyness cannot only dramatically effect the sale price, but more so lessen the amount of potential buyers. Cluttered yards, untidy rooms and accumulated junk all make your home look smaller and less inviting to the next potential owner! Book-a-Handyman will come and help you get your home looking it's best to maximise the amount of passer's through. Tip: Light wall colours, birghter lights and no trash make a home look larger and more attractive.


Does your backyard need a little more than a gardener? Swing sets, old dog homes, unsafe cubby houses, concrete, bricks and old fencing rule your yard. Book A Handyman for a total cleanup. Your yard will be looking better than ever.We will remove the junk and clutter, and will even mow the lawn and spray for weeds.

Tenants Leftovers

If your tenant has disappeared and left the walls and doors damaged with a mountain of trash in the living room, call Book-A-Handyman. Every week is a week of rent lost. We will remove the rubbish and help to quickly clean up and fix damages, to move your tenant in as soon as possible.

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